The Addams family or other adventures of Graziano and Bones and the Lord’s Pillow

Hello everyone! My name is Rocky and my last name is Balbo but everyone calls me Graziano. And you are Mary Jane the most ordinary whore, just like this fag Wong or Mr. Wongchik. And you are all expecting some new records from us, but you don’t understand that no one else wants to publish them after these two fags Vongchik and Mary wanted to do something bad to my friend Kostochka.

And you are not fagots, but very good ones, but you still cannot understand that you cannot instill something bad because then it will come back to you. And you Mary made me so that Graziano Rokchik fell ill with this terrible disease. And she herself told her fucker Vongichku that after my death you will share all the money equally. And now both of you are laughing at us so much because you think we don’t know it.
So know two fagots that we all know about you. A happy ending.

Rokchik Gratsiano, Kostya the Bold, Lord.

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