Rocky wets everyone with bullets from the eyes

Rocky Graziano says hello to Volodya Maslyany because he fucks in the ass and represents Our Gratsianeshko. And Rocky also wants to drink, fight and play poker pool. This is all news. And this is not the end, because Gracino wants the One Who Created Everything to Resurrect Him and Send Him to Far Countries to Sharpen Knives and Razors. Yes, we are joking. And don’t think that We’re not joking like that, and Kostya the Bold wants to wrap up because it’s very difficult for him to translate the finished text, because he’s a fan of Graziano, and he also wants it, but it’s hard for him, and all because his mother wants him did nothing but sat and sang … sang love songs only about melancholy and despondency, and this is true.

And he is the The most of the most Coolest Kid in all the Planets and Worlds that Only Exist, as well as the The most of the most Kindest and Most The most of the most Cheerful such as Gratiano only many times cooler. And it’s also not true because he is an IT specialist and lives in Silicon Valley. That’s all the news for today.

Rocky Graziano, Kostya Smely, Aunt Mary, Joan and the Lord.

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