Rocky Graziano — the first hit or how he gets on where there is no way out

Hello Rocky) How are you, tramp? Yes, all the way, just do not call me that, because in our world, and this is in America, no one knows what this means in your country. And I really want to thank you Kostya for running this site. And also I want to say hello to my daughter Mary Jane, as We called her when she was still very little. And you, Kostya, have not updated my website for a long time, only it is not mine, but Ours is with you, as you said yourself.

Kostya Yu, because this is not Rocky, but his children, but this is not so, because I am Gratiano, but not Gratiano, but the lord of animals and birds. And also, We wanted to write something like this for so long, but we never did.

And yet, do not think that this is not me, because this is Rocky and the one who writes this, he is now talking through the one Who Created Everything On This Planet, and this is the King of Kings — the King of Kings — and the Most Famous User of the Runet Kostya Yu. , he is Kostya the Bold, he had such a nickname on the YouTube channel. And yet, he is already tired, but he is not. And also very few people can figure it out, because he writes everything, and then translates it with a translator and puts sites on Ours with him. While this is the first entry, and then everything will depend on you, and this is on those who read this site.

Best regards, Rocky Graziano
Kostya the Bold

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