Rocky Graziano second forehead heel kick or his other adventures

Today Rocky woke up with different thoughts. He got up to wash and brushed his gray teeth and then went to Mr. Stillman’s gym to train himself to be invisible as a ninja. And Rocky really wants to say hello to his daughter who visits this site every day. Merry Jane hello to you my daughter or daughter. And you, Lee’s ballroom dance teacher, never wrote anything to me, just not Lee and Wong aka Mr. Wong.

And also know that this is written not only by Rocky, but also by the one who is his fierce enemy, not only the enemy, but the best friend or friend. Yes, now you all know that I live in Russia, but you should know that I have a good attitude towards America and its people. And we also wanted to tell you not to drink the boojus drink like in the cartoon — «The Ghost Ship» because its potion can melt. And don’t read anything other than detective stories, because from them we get information on how to act in certain situations.

And we also want to say that Rocky is alive and well and he is in a kingdom where there is nothing but apple trees and flowers. Of course it is not. And Rocky also wants to say that he sees all of you but cannot understand why this stinky Wong does not leave his comments on Our notes. And you, Merry Jane, know that he loves you very much and always looks after you, and you haven’t visited him for a long time, you know that … yes, to his site in the center of Seattle where he lies in a small coffin.

And now you all know that Rocky will communicate with each of you if you ask him about it. And he communicates with me through the One Who Created Everything in This World and All Other Worlds. And also Our ruler dwells inside the one who writes this. Yes, my good ones, I always choose to be in the body of the one who is now writing this note, and this is in the body of my son Konstantin from your unloved country called the Russian Federation. And now you know everything about Us.

And also We want to tell you all that you will continue to read this site because it will always be funny and perky and also very fun. And you, Mr. Wong, laughed so hard until you read something and then saw that We noticed it and corrected it. Yeah Wong, you always made us laugh when you worked in your laundry and ran for pizza when I was already very bad … you already figured that out. When I was dying. And I really want to hug everyone who reads this letter. And you Merry Jane know that you are very good-looking but you are terribly grumpy.

And you Wonchik or Wong know that without you I would be very sad. And you, Merry Jane, already realized that Wong is your hubby, whom you had already driven away for a long time, but when he was your father and it was so good to me with him. And now know everything that what you see is not a deception and you really communicate with Graziano through the One Who Created Everything In This World and All Other Worlds That Only Exist.

And the one who writes this is my son in whom I always stay. And in this life he went through a lot, and if you want to know everything about us then go to our site — just turn on the translation of the texts because it is in Russian.

And do not read it right away because there are many bad words and to understand everything, scroll to the very bottom and click on the farthest page and then start reading it from there. And We have nothing more to tell you, but this is not so, so listen to this one more — We Are Not Weak. This is all that We wanted to tell you. To be continued…

Sincerely yours, Alchik and his Son, as well as Rokchik Graziano.

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