Rocky Graziano lands his fourth jump right to the head of the coolest bumpkin

Today Rocky didn’t brush his teeth and went to train straight to Mr. Stillman’s gym. And this Stillman is a real seal because when Rocky came to him, he sent him you know where … yes there … to Sunday school for thieves. And Rocky is also very good and kind because he never did anything bad, but did what he could.

And don’t eat raw tomatoes at night because it’s bad for your health — Rocky Graziano in Mr. Stillman’s room. And also Rocky wants to pass on to his daughter Merry Jane Watson as in the Spiderman cartoon so that she doesn’t go there she knows where and doesn’t do something she knows what. Yes, Merry Jane he sees everything from there and knows what you are doing with an old woman. Yes, you give her a back massage … you get the idea.

And you Wongchik know that you are a scoundrel because you do not go to my grave where I am buried in a small coffin because you burned my little body. And you Vongchik laugh so hard at my student Kostochka or Konstantin Zaslonov, he is Yurikhin or iurikhin as it is written in his passport of a merchant marine of the American Guard where you once served.

And also know everything that Kostya Yu. Is very good and when he felt bad he watched my film: “Someone Loves Someone There” and took over everything from my son Polchik all those habits that I gave him during the filming of this wonderful film. And also do not think that We are joking because We no longer know how to make you laugh. And you can’t even leave a comment to just put a smile or smile at Us with your yellow teeth.

And you Vongchik know that we will reach you and you will pay Us profit from your laundry in the form of the washed clothes of Konstantin Zadunaevsky. And also know all that you are the most ordinary rags and you Merry Jane have not even watched the cartoon about Spiderman where you star in the lead role and your surname is Watson and your name and your middle name are the same as yours.

And we have everything on this and write your comments to motivate Us for new articles. And also those photos that I put up, they are mine, and this is the one who is writing now and We are not deceiving you. Honest with honest or the word of the boy. Now that’s all.