Rocky Graziano lands a third jump right in the jaw

Yes, it’s us again! And also know that people like We are nowhere else. And we also want to tell you all so that you do what gives you joy. And also know that Rokchik was always with Us because We watched his film «Someone Loves Him There» and took an example from him, just not an example, but adopted his habits.

You got it right now. And we have always been like this, but Rocky, with the help of his film, restored our memory and We understood that We have always been the same as Rocky, but only We are the Coolest Guys in All the Worlds and in All Common Centers and We are the Kindest and Most Mischievous. You got it right now. And also We will write with mistakes because this is also Our style of writing. And also know that our sketches are copied by one woman and her surname is Aingworth and her name is Anna and sells them in your world for very big dollars … well, you get the idea. Yes, this is her and now We will post her photo here:

And we will now insert our photos so that you can see Us:

And also these are my photos many years after the ones you just saw. This is me with the Governor of Primorsky Krai Oleg Nikolaevich and his deputy Vyacheslav Vasilyevich:

Now you know how We look. And even more do not think about Us, but read all Our notes or notes and laugh as you only know how. And that’s all for Us. The end of the ends but not the end of what We call the continuation of the next end from the topmost pillar.

Alchik and his Son and also Rokchik Grazianchik.

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