Rocky Graziano does not hit at all, but fucks everyone in a row or his fighting look

Today, Rocky Graziano beats everyone in the World of Apple Trees and Flowers or in Raychik. And he also wants to tell you all so that you don’t fuck off, but live as you lived. Gratiano also likes to go to Mr. Stillman’s boxing gym. And Gratiano does not like flattery and any kind of bullying. And don’t think that Gratiano is doing something wrong because he does everything right. And he will not go with us to fight an alien race. And Gratiano always tells the truth and nothing but the truth.

And you all pissing to pronounce it. And don’t think that everything is so easy for us. Because we are the coolest in this world. And also know that we are who we are. And Rockchik Gratsianishko wants to fuck women and move like a snake. And he doesn’t know what to say anymore because he is now getting acquainted with one blondie … and on this We end Our essay.

Kostika the Bold, Rocky Graziano, Aunt Mary and Joan and the King of Kings King of Kings.

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