Rocky Graziano and Paul Newman as Rocky Graziano

This is a symbol of the era of the mixed style fighter who fought in the ring without gloves and without a mouth guard, and also fought in heavyweight fights without rules and took prizes. We tell you this because nobody knows about it and I know that’s why I am telling you. And also never say that I told you about it. And the last thing if you want to become a fighter like him then train

in Mr. Stillman’s room. And also never go for a walk alone in the forest, otherwise different things can happen to you, such as: 1) you can be stolen; 2) you can get cut by a red tarzan and finally you can be found bloody and eaten alive

with a bone in his hand and a skull in his head. And also do not go to school alone, otherwise you may have a stroke or heart attack, or you may die when you cross the street through a yellow traffic light. And don’t tell anyone that I told you about it

because the one who writes this receives knowledge directly from the one whom you now see in front of you. And I also say hello to Victor Wong. Victor no longer go to the forest alone, otherwise you can be kidnapped by aliens from another planet and taken to work in their mines.

And to all those who love me, I say my regards. And know whoever writes all this … communicates personally with me directly. I love you very much. Sincerely yours, Rocky Graziano and also Merry and Joan and brother Tony Iglesius.
Stills from «Somebody Up There Likes Me» Role of Rocky Graziano played by Paul Newman.
Paul Newman in the movie «Somebody Up There Likes Me» as Rocky Graziano fighting on the roof with other hooliganand for a place in the sun.

Paul Newman as Rocky Graziano in «Somebody Up There Likes Me» with his wife at the wedding altar.

Rocky Graziano and Paul Newman on the set. Rocky Graziano teaches Paul Newman how bullies behave.

This is the Rocky Graziano contactless tournament. We did not strike with our hands, but simply designated them.

Paul Newman as Rocky Graziano in «Somebody Up There Likes Me» in correctional labor.

Paul Newman as Rocky Graziano in «Somebody Up There Likes Me» knocked out the heavyweight champion. That was his facial expression :))

In the movie «Somebody Up There Likes Me» a drunk father hits his son Rocky.

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  1. is a 1956 American drama film directed by Robert Wise and starring Paul Newman and Pier Angeli, based on the life of middleweight boxing legend Rocky Graziano . The film was nominated for three Academy Awards, and won two: Best Cinematography (Black and White) ( Joseph Ruttenberg ) and Best Art Direction (Black and White) ( Cedric Gibbons, Malcolm Brown, Edwin B. Willis, F. Keogh Gleason ).

  2. Newman was anxious to make good this time around and Robert Wise, a good actor s director, understood how to bring the best in individual performers, according to their special gifts and creative insights, guiding Newman thoroughly with masterful control and understanding. In peak condition, Newman, a grad of the prestigious Actors Studio, lent himself readily to the Graziano part, incorporated techniques Ernest Lehman s taut, hard-hitting follows in broad outlines of the nook Graziano co-wrote with Barber: the under-privileged childhood and adolescence, the descent into delinquency and crime, the fixed fights, the beginning of self-respect, the gradual climb to his own brand of human dignity and the channeling of his energies into a constructive career as a boxer.

  3. Australian actor Rod Taylor was also considered for the part; although unsuccessful, his screen test impressed MGM enough for them to offer him a long term contract. The film was also notable for being one of Paul Newman ‘s first starring roles and for being one of the first films in which Steve McQueen appeared. It also marked the film debuts of Frank Campanella, Robert Loggia, Angela Cartwright, and Dean Jones, all in uncredited bit parts .

  4. Rocky Graziano ( Paul Newman ) has a difficult time with his parents as he is beaten by his father. He joins a street gang, and undergoes a long history of criminal activities. He is sent to prison, where he is rebellious to all authority figures. After his release, he is drafted by the U.S. Army, but runs away. Needing money, he becomes a boxer, and finds that he has natural talent and wins six fights in a row before the Army finds him and dishonorably discharges him. He serves a year in a United States Disciplinary Barracks, and resumes his career as a boxer as a result.

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