Rocky Graziano and Paul Newman as Rocky Graziano episode 3

In «Somebody Up There Likes Me» Rocky Graziano as Paul Newman. Rocky and his wife-to-be at Benny’s candy store on the corner of 10th Street stand by the water taps to wash their hands and have a glass of hot Coca-Cola. And also they want to make each other pleasant but cannot do it because they have never done it.
Rocky Graziano sells his painting at e-Bay for $ 50. And he also doesn’t like his painting to be auctioned off. He’s constantly raising the ante. And last but not least, Rocky Graziano loves his daughter and mother of two, Matilda.
In «Somebody Up There Likes Me» Rocky Graziano as Paul Newman. Rocky has a second head, which gives him strength in battle, and he also does not like Mr. Coin and Mr. Stillman to prevent him from fighting for the welterweight title for the title of champion of the city of the USSR.
Rocky Graziano at a photo shoot for the Playboy magazine. And also he does not go for a walk in the forest alone, because aliens can take him to him to fight for the title of the BSSR welterweight champion. And he also does not go for a walk late at night because it hurts his legs. And the last, do not look at this site anymore, otherwise Rocky Graziano will come to you at night and will fight with each of you at the same time. And that’s all for me. My favorite readers of the newspaper «From Ruk to Ruki».

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