My friend Rocky Graziano tell me water

Hello, my name is Kostya Iurikhin (Yurikhin) and i finish my sell in the big Russian Family. I have be the teacher president on the week in the holiday. And i make Russian Girl on the prostitute. And i will he she make money on the Russian Bank on my home in the little tractorist. And i she make money on the make home in the brad on the water. I she he will my money on the make tv set. And my money on the girl and on the water he she pepsi-cola and gamburger on the «Burger King». He she money on the my girl in the finish on the teatre. And me shell my money on the beautiful in the rock and race. And i she we well money in the Russian Bank. And see you letter.

Best Regards, Kostya Iurikhin (Yurikhin) and my friend Rocky Graziano and mother Graziano — Merry and sister — Joan and Lord.

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